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Become a climatepositive business

Climate damaging emissions are produced at every step of the supply chain. To truly undo this damage and win the war on climate change these greenhouse gases must be removed.
From nature based removals to cutting edge technology, you can quickly purchase a variety of negative emissions.

CO₂ removal vs carbon credits

Carbon offsets/credits are verified reductions in emissions however do little to address the existing excess of carbon dioxide. Paying a small amount to offset the CO₂ you emitted, won't take those emissions out of the atmosphere. Only by purchasing negative emissions to undo your carbon footprint can you reach net-zero and have a minimal impact on the climate.

Supporting cutting edge projects

Climate change cannot be solved with a single solution, a portfolio of natural and technological methods must be developed to work efficiently together. By purchasing negative emissions you are helping accelerate the progress of these solutions making them cheaper, more efficient and maximizing the positive impact they can have on our environment.

Choosing projects & technologies

We look for projects that both actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and store it away. Nature provides some affordable removal methods such as forestation, however is unable to be the only solution. We must also develop technologies to capture and store CO₂. Carbon removal is a relatively new market that needs your support to scale and make a difference in the world.

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Choose an affordable mix of carbon removal of different methods. You can play around with the amount you want to remove and the cost you are willing to pay.

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Bio-oil injection

Bio-oil is the resulting product of heating waste biomass to high temperatures without any oxygen. Instead of burning it turns to a thick, dark fluid that is high in carbon. While unfit as a replacement to crude oil it makes an excellent carbon removal method by pumping it back into the empty spaces left by removing crude oil.


Olivine stone

Enhanced Weathering accelerates a natural process that would normally take millenia to complete. Naturally occurring silicate minerals such as olivine - a byproduct of the mining industry - are ground into a fine sand that reacts with water to capture carbon dioxide and turn it into valuable bicarbonates.



Forestation, possibly the most popular and recognisable carbon capture method. Afforestation plants trees where there were none before, helping restore nature and capture carbon dioxide. The trees must remain standing and not be used for fuel or left to rot to ensure CO₂ is permanently removed.



Direct air capture and storage (DACS) uses large fans with special filters to extract carbon dioxide from ambient air before storing it sustainably and permantently. One way to store it is to pump the gas underground and let it mineralise to stone.

A necessityCarbon Removal

As well as removing your CO₂ emissions, you will receive a pack from us with badges and a press release to share with your customers as evidence of your contribution to a better future.

It’s not just you, we must all take action now. There’s no denying there has been an increase in climate related disasters in recent years. This is our call to arms. We need to act now to undo the damage done by humanity over the last few hundred years.

Historical and projected future emissions from 1980 to 2100
Copyright stripe.com/climate Historical emissions via Global Carbon Project,1 "Current path" shows SSP4-6.0,2,3 removal pathways adapted from CICERO.4 For simplicity this chart only shows CO₂, though the modeled scenarios account for other greenhouse gas emissions, all of which will need to be reduced.

We have now passed the point where we can simply reduce to keep temperature levels below the 1.5ºC rise that will be catastrophic to our climate. The only way to win the war on the climate crisis is to also remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


We must limit the temperature increase

2400 Gt

Amount of CO₂ emitted by human activity


The only way to live sustainably

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